What next? Things to consider

The national emergency measures have undoubtedly amplified vulnerability.

Disabled people are considered last as part of fast-paced disaster control measures. Measures tend to place disabled people at greater risk whilst making their disability more hidden. 

Our research has posed a number of questions about how we might return to a different, more inclusive normal.

How do we enable essential service providers to rapidly increase service provision in times of emergency? Hidden

How do we help chains and shopping centres to make sure accessibility is considered when changes are made to their services? Car Park

How do we make sure rules that keep all safe don’t come at the cost of the safety of some? Roaming concierge

How do we enable services to keep the positive aspects of workarounds that have emerged, whilst also helping people who struggle with change to reverse any changes they made to their routines that don’t work for them? Isolating carers