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Which powered wheelchair?

Which powered wheelchair is right for you

Once you’ve checked out your needs for a powered wheelchair, find out more from the contacts below:

Assessors and sales reps

If you’re having an assessment with a professional, or with a sales rep, they’ll tell you about available products that may meet your needs. However, professionals will only tell you about products they know (and Wheelchair Services may only tell you about products they are able to supply from their approved range) and most suppliers will only tell you about  products they stock.

Rica's information on powered wheelchairs

Check out:

Mobility Centres

  • can advise on your needs
  • let you see and try out powered wheelchairs
  • some offer training

Forum of Mobility Centres
Forum of Mobility Centres
c/o Providence Chapel
TN26 2JX

United Kingdom


0800 559 3636

Speak to other people

Many of the people we spoke to said they got good information, tips and advice from other wheelchair users.


At exhibitions you can

  • look at lots of products on the same day
  • try out powered wheelchairs
  • talk to suppliers about what you need.
  • find information about charities and other organisations offering help.

Kidz exhibitions

Four exhibitions around the country

  • Kidz up North
  • Kidz in the Middle
  • Kidz South
  • Kidz Scotland

The Mobility Roadshow

Annual event showing equipment for motoring and mobility including powered wheelchairs:

Mobility Roadshow
Mobility Roadshow

United Kingdom

Motability events

One national exhibition and a series of regional ones


0300 456 4566



National exhibition of equipment and services for disabled people

B40 1NT

United Kingdom


020 3033 2197


Last updated: April 2015

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